Book of Shadows



These are rituals that I have written over several years. Some are older when they were written, but they always work for us when we use them today. When we are performing them, we often tweak them to fit the situation perfectly or to make them more personal.

I am including the Book of Shadows on our website because we want to share our rituals with the Wiccan Community. Please feel free to use them as is, change bits and pieces, or to just take excerpts from them. I ask that if you reprint them, for your own use, that I be given credit for writing them.

These rituals are all extremely eclectic and contain nothing from the Gardnerian Book of Shadows. You will also find no traditional Gardnerian phraseology. Enjoy them and use them, with my blessings and the blessings of the Lord and Lady. Long live the Craft!

Lady Kaleah, HPS
Sacred Crossroads Coven


A Baby Blessing

A House Blessing